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What is the purpose of a prelanding page and how to make one?

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you should be aware that a pre-landing page is crucial in converting for your visitors. Landing pages are terrifying to new affiliate marketers since they have no idea how to create them.

Luckily, you have us! In this article, we’ll go over what a pre-landing page is, how to design one, what it’s for, and why you need one if you want to be an epic affiliate marketer.

What is a pre-landing page?

The page that shows before the landing page containing your offer is known as a pre-landing page. So, basically, it serves as a link between the traffic source you’re utilizing and the landing page for the offer to which you’re sending this (cold) traffic.

As a result, the pre-lander provides something appealing to the visitors. This persuades them to go through to the landing page. The primary goal of a pre-lander is to boost conversion rates. The landing page would contain the real offer. However, the pre-lander would provide the visitor with some intriguing and appealing information.

Important parts of a pre-lander


A pre-landing page, as we mentioned before, is simply a brief sample of what the visitor may anticipate to see and experience on the landing page. As a result, it should have a simple design that does not deter users from proceeding to the landing page.


The information on the pre-lander should be excellent and precise in order to enhance organic conversions on your landing page. Visitors may not visit the landing page at all if the content is not appealing enough. If your content is overly hyped and talks about tangential topics that aren’t addressed on your landing page, you risk being penalized by search engine algorithms.


Random images on your conversion landing page may divert visitors’ attention away from the true aim of your pre-landing page. That is why including a few appealing (but relevant) photos on the pre-landing page is a must. The requirement of employing a picture, as well as the image selection, would be determined by the industry you are in.


The best information and images in the world won’t keep visitors if the pre-lander takes more than 4-5 seconds to load completely, thus while working on the content, you should also focus on creating the page so that it doesn’t become too heavy.

Call to action

An excellent pre-landing page contains a very specific and precise call to action so that you can get the visitor to perform exactly what you want. It could be as easy as “click here” or “submit,” or an invitation to complete a brief form or survey.


All of your efforts in developing a pre-lander could be for naught if the response from visitors falls short of your expectations. That’s why running a few test runs before launching your final pre-lander page is a good idea. This is known as A/B testing, and it allows you to determine which of the two versions of your page performed better.

Categories of pre-landing pages


This is one of the most prevalent methods for attracting visitors, and they are given the opportunity to join a community in the hopes of finding their ideal mate. Your content and database must be extremely solid in this age of Tinder.


You can provide an opportunity for a visitor to increase the security of his system. In these days of killer virus attacks, everyone is concerned about security, therefore a visitor will always want to learn how to increase the performance and security of his system.


Many pre-landers claim to be able to boost your system’s speed and overall performance. These pre-landers are just as appealing to geeky guests as the ones with utilities.


These are excellent ideas for attracting folks who want a chance to win rewards. The prizes available will vary depending on your budget, but most pre-landers with sweepstakes will include some sort of helpful item.


This method has been demonstrated to work and can readily hook visitors. However, you must guarantee that your technology can handle the additional graphics required for any game in order to ensure decent page speeds.

Pre-landers have had a poor reputation in the past. It’s because their content and design used to veer dangerously close to being unethical. However, if done right, a proper pre-landing page can significantly boost your affiliate campaign’s conversion rates. It is up to you to choose the best one for your landing page and reap the rewards.

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