Affiliate marketing trends in 2022 – What to expect?

Affiliate marketing has exploded during the last few years because of the coronavirus. Since we all were kind of locked up in our homes, we started to think about other ways of making money, and more and more people began to work in affiliate marketing. We are at the end of March – but this […]

Affiliate Conference Dubai 2022: Boat Meetup!

Affilliaters and marketers! We are excited to attend the Affiliate World Global Conference in Dubai again this year! What is Affiliate World Global: Dubai? Dubai is the world’s largest Affiliate Marketing conference you’ll ever experience. More than 4,000 of the top affiliate marketers from around the globe will attend for enhanced networking opportunities and above […]

Facebook vs Instagram: What is better for your affiliate marketing business?

In the world of affiliate marketing, your income is dependent upon finding a digital marketing strategy to sell your chosen products and services to an audience. Social media ads, especially on Facebook and Instagram can help you find more of the right people and grow your channel. The world of e-marketing in general, and marketing […]

MonadLead Tour

You have already taken the first step in making money.  How? Well, you make money online! You are in the right place. Relax. Listen carefully, because the information about your successful idea to become an affiliate marketer or publisher will delight you! Why would you listen to us? Because we are your reliable CPA partner. […]