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You have already taken the first step in making money. 

How? Well, you make money online! You are in the right place. Relax. Listen carefully, because the information about your successful idea to become an affiliate marketer or publisher will delight you!

Why would you listen to us?

Because we are your reliable CPA partner. Because we won’t be your friend but your source of income that you dream of. That’s why you will love us. We are MonadLead, a company that had its beginnings in “Marketing and Advertising”, and now has only one goal: to be the best CPA network.

 If affiliate marketing is still your choice, our experience will convince you that you can be the best, along with us. What our clients are most grateful for is our model of leads. Once the purchase is complete, it’s time for a conversion. This is an ideal way because conversion rates are constantly rising and are extremely high.

Follow those steps:

Sign up on MonadLead

Monetize your traffic using any creative materials

Gain the profits yourself directly.

Are you ready to offer?

All our partners have been cooperating with us for many years, because no payment, on a weekly basis, was missed. The focus is on Eastern Europe low competitive countries, so that we can dedicate ourselves to every client in a unique way. Our advantage over others are the largest COD payouts. But the idyll doesn’t end there. Verified affiliates have prepayments! Weekly payments without exception are feasible via Paypal, Payoneer, Web Money, ePayments or Bank Wire Transfer. Initial payment: $ 49

If you are willing to try yourself among competitors in affiliate marketing, collaborate with direct profits and be at the top of the rankings, this is your safe zone. Here you can be brave. Here you get the highest possible return quickly and efficiently. This is a whole new experience. The reason for our great self-confidence is your experience and the satisfaction of direct advertisers in over 50 countries.

MonadLead offers a new solution: let’s be simple. Refer targeted traffic to the advertiser’s landing page and get paid for each successful conversion. If you don’t have time for writing prelanders, then you need not worry about it. You will enjoy our benefits.

MonadLead is a CPA network, which means that you have to pay money only for the confirmed conversions.

Why is it good to be a publisher?

Everything can be solved within 24 hours! There is no waiting, no approval and you can start promoting as soon as you are ready for it. MonadLead approves.

Value before quantity

Offers vary from country to country. Sometimes they are duplicated, so that their value is clearly recognized. MonadLead has different offers and materials for everyone, and filtering is done by country, type of conversion and the needs of potential customers. Efficient and continuous work is our trump card. Quick payouts, earnings per click, the allowed traffic source, and individual pages are ready for you. Doesn’t this seem like a winning combination for a true affiliate marketer?

It’s time to truly introduce ourselves, show off, and adapt to you. Indulge in professionalism. We choose to be on top and work with the best. Follow the news and find yourself!

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