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Making money in affiliate marketing using your smartphone – is it really possible?

Computers and laptops are overrated today. This probably sounds ridiculous to you and makes no sense, but in reality, it is true. Why? Because smartphones are taking over.

You already know that you can do pretty much anything with the phone. When it comes to affiliate marketing, there is a wide range of opportunities if you use your mobile phone. The reason is that today, more and more people are using their mobiles not only for spending their time on social media, but also for buying products. Let’s be honest, when will you turn on your laptop or computer if you want to buy something? 

You are probably thinking that mobile affiliate marketing is based on sending text messages. Well, it is so much more and we are here to explain it to you.

Mobile marketing channels
First, we need to talk about mobile marketing channels. When you want to do mobile affiliate marketing, there are two main channels that you can use – paid and free. Meaning, you can either pay for traffic to your affiliate offerings to be sent to specific social media channels or platforms, or you can take traffic from social media and redirect it to a mobile-friendly affiliate offer.

While it is still possible to monetize free traffic, most popular social media networks now require you to pay. Paid mobile channels, on the other hand, are frequently more complicated for affiliate marketers, especially if it’s their first time doing paid search marketing.

Types of mobile offers and paying models

The next thing that you should have on your mind are mobile offers types and payout models. When it comes to mobile offers, there’s a few of them that are popular:

  • Calls – Internet users are usually calling a certain business or a service;
  • Lead-based – Users need to provide some kind of personal information by filling out a form;
  • App installs – downloading free apps or some apps that you need to pay for;
  • Subscription – It is based on signing up to some pages such as Netflix, HBO, Youtube etc., that offer you their services in exchange of monthly paying;
  • Product purchase – buying something via your phone. This often includes promo codes, discounts, referrals etc.

Payout models include CPA (Cost per Action), CPL (Cost per Lead) and CPI (Cost per Install), CPS (Cost per Sale), CPL (Cost per Lead) etc., which we wrote about in one of our previous blogs.

Tips for success

If you want to earn as much marketing as possible with mobile affiliate marketing, you will first need to find a large traffic source. What we mean is that you will need to direct a large amount of traffic or leads to an offer. While doing that, the most important thing is that you have a big audience – the more people you can reach, the better.

Social media is, of course, one other thing that is crucial for your success. Choose your social media carefully, because not all of them are suitable for mobile affiliating. Competitiveness is important in anything if you want to be recognized, and mobile affiliate marketing is no exception. Like in any other profession, you need to be unique, creative and attractive.

We previously mentioned types of mobile offers. Do not be afraid to experiment with different offer tactics, because your ultimate goal is to find the right offer that will benefit both you and your audience. Also, it is important to mention that in-app traffic is your biggest source of mobile traffic, so it would be beneficial to do it. 

Creativity is the key, so you will need to create and edit amazing visuals that will put you on the map. And last, but not least, you’ll need to analyze the data regarding the costs, clicks, visits and conversions.

Mobile affiliate marketing is unique, because affiliate publishers are financially encouraged by advertisers for referring new users or customers to the advertiser’s affiliate offer, typically through a mobile Android or iOS device. The tactics, tools and offers involved are directed towards a different target audience. Mobile phones can be your most powerful tool to market your business. It’s the quickest way to get a potential customer on the phone and it’s usually easier to close a sale over the phone than in person.

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