The road to the ultimate conversion aka finalizing a sale can require some smaller steps along the way. Before the customer says yes to the product and is willing to spend their money - there are other smaller steps to make the customer say yes to your products and services.

The main goal of a successfully conducted conversion rate is to increase the overall percentage of website visitors who complete some kind of desired action by improving user experience and creating an easy flow of activity that will lead the user to complete an action ultimately.

If you’re curious about CRO's impact on your E-Commerce business, here are some valuable points that could help you greatly improve your business and elevate your position in a highly competitive market.

Is CRO Important For E-commerce?

Absolutely - yes. CRO enables the right target audience to easily find their desired products. Allowing your customers to find what they’re looking for easily can in turn increase your sales - through simplifying the customer journey you can increase sales and generate more revenue.

Successful CRO focuses on providing your page visitors the best possible experience:

  • Simple and intuitive navigation;
  • Evoking emotional responses;
  • Optimizing and streamlining the checkout process;
  • Creating compelling visuals;
  • Crafting quality content;

Shortening the time the user spends looking for certain items and the time they spend on finalizing an action can, in turn, ultimately increase the number of completed purchases. Creating a positive effect on your revenue and sales numbers.

Even small conversions per individual item, or completed action, when multiplied across your website can significantly increase and positively affect your revenue and sales numbers.

Conversion Rate Optimization In Numbers

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strongly focuses on understanding, analyzing, and using a set of strategies to increase conversion rates.

The formula for calculating your conversion rate is:

CR % = (number of visitors who convert) / (total number of visitors) * 100 

Number of Conversions: The number of visitors who complete an action.

Number of Visitors: The number of visitors to the website.

This formula can help you understand how effectively visitors on your page convert into customers or leads, based on the calculated type of conversion you are analyzing.

Types Of Conversion

Conversion rate optimization can significantly improve the overall revenue. Still, it should be noted that there are various categories - it should be noted that, although finalizing a purchase is the end goal, there are other actions a visitor can complete on a website, which can improve your revenue:

Making a Purchase

It is crucial to simplify the checkout process on your site, creating a flawless step-by-step flow of actions, while implementing CTA buttons as well as secure payment options, while providing fast loading times. 

It is highly recommended to use A/B testing, through the use of layouts with engaging copy segments and impactful visuals, special offers, enabling the visitors to easily navigate through the payment process and successfully finalize it.

Submitting a Form

Acquiring data from your visitors can be a game changer. Implementing forms can be great for lead generation, conducting statistics, analytics, and gathering valuable customer feedback.

This can be a useful tool if you wish to track visitor behavior - keep in mind that the form should be kept simple and make sure the users can easily navigate through it.

Subscription Sign-Up

Providing a subscription option for your visitors can be very useful if you want to keep them engaged, informed, and curious about your current and future endeavors.

Conducting A/B testing in this case is also highly recommended - the main goal is to provide valuable information and include mesmerizing visuals to keep your visitors engaged.


Another way to expand your email list is by adding a section where you can provide free digital assets on your website. If possible, It is recommended to ask the visitors to leave their email in exchange for free digital assets.

The downloads in this sense can vary from educational e-books, all the way to PDF material that displays catalogs, special offers, tips, tricks, etc.

Chat Engagement

Implementing a live chat box for your visitors, regardless if it connects them to an AI-powered chatbot or your direct customer service, can be a powerful tool.

Even with the most flawless layouts, some users might have additional questions regarding your products. 

Clarifying any questions and inquiries, guiding your visitors, and enabling them to complete the final purchase is something you should definitely look into.


Maximizing your online presence, especially for your e-commerce business, should include a carefully planned digital marketing strategy. For the best final results, conversion rate optimization is something you should take into consideration.

Visitors who can easily navigate and complete desired actions will ultimately improve the number of finalized purchases and will have a positive impact on your revenue.

All the aforementioned types of conversion rate optimization are powerful tools, and you should find and implement the ones that most adequately meet your needs and preferences.

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