If you are new to affiliate marketing, you have probably come to the term “black hat” or “white hat” but you do not know what than means. Luckily, you have us to guide you, because these two types of marketing strategies will, in a long term, decide the success and image of your company.

If you think about it carefully, you can easily realize what “black hat” means. We must define it at the very beginning, due to its appeal to new affiliates, and once you start doing this, it is hard to stop. 

Expertly speaking, black hat SEO is a method of sending a self-made link from a satellite site or a free blog to the target site to rank the search results. Google prohibits the black hat SEO method, and if you violate it, you will be penalized. Simply put, if you choose a black hat strategy, it means that you’re going against the law, policies, and terms of service. It means that you scam people and lie to them to get their money. The most extreme cases of black hat marketing include lying about the product, phishing, or not delivering the product or service after the customers pay for it. 

In general, going black hat means knowing what things to keep away from to get a chance to work with advertisers directly and going against it for profit. This is so appealing to newbies because scamming doesn’t require a lot of effort or money.  

Let’s say a publisher chooses an offer from some affiliate network, and the advertiser agrees upon the promotion, though via no social media. The publisher does the advertising on social networks anyway. This is the most basic example of “black hat” marketing.

If you see unnatural incoming links, keyword stuffing, unrelated and duplicating content, or spamming, that means that you are definitely in front of the black hat affiliate marketing.

Actually, the only thing that can stop you from choosing a black hat strategy is your morals. If you do not know the difference between right and wrong, or you simply don’t care, this is an obvious choice for you.

On the opposite side, we have, of course, “white hat” affiliate marketing. Going Whitehat means that your every move in the affiliate marketing field can be legal, despite the conditions and aims. It means that you are getting traffic without resorting to the black methods. By doing this you will not get sued, or have any other problem with the law. 

White hat SEO is a method to get a natural link without intentional SEO or to post an article that is conscious of the long tail and bring the search result to the top. It is quite tough to obtain a natural link, and it will not be displayed at the top until the site grows up, nevertheless, once it has been examined by google, it will be possible to display it at the top for a long time.

Basically, white hat SEO is attributed to practices that increase a website’s search rankings on a search engine results page (SERP) without straying outside of Google’s guidelines. White hat SEO strategies are paying their attention to providing readers with high-quality and relevant content that optimizes user experience rather than using more suspicious techniques.

White hat SEO is so important because, without rules to guide the world of the internet, search engine results would be in chaos. Actually, it benefits everyone. Google is always making sure that its algorithms only rank great content that captures user intent for every keyword search because it encourages millions of internet users to use the search engine.

Reading all of this, our conclusion is that if you want to be in affiliate marketing, the best and safest way of making your strategies is the white hat approach. You must know at the very beginning what you can and what you cannot do. Do all of this that we wrote for the white hat strategy, and you will be a successful and recognizable affiliate.

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