We are most excited about meeting some other experienced people from the industry, experts from different parts of the world, and new ways to make great partnerships.

In fact...


This is the world's largest event that gathers all marketing experts analyzes transfer experiences and brings together marketers from different branches: Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, Native Ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing, E-commerce, and bonus - talking about the future of affiliate marketing, content writing, chat funnels, SEO, mobile applications, etc. The lecturers at the conference are world giants in this industry. 

In addition, the most interesting thing is networking, which brings together business partners around the world through fun, and the exchange of experiences and interests. All in one place.

You probably remember our presentations in Dubai and Barcelona

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We are definitely most looking forward to Asia, as the stronghold of the largest affiliates


If you know that Monetize Ad looks into different branches of digital marketing, then it is clear to you that there is more than one common theme waiting for us in Bangkok. We will talk about our platforms (which we have 4) and in-house brands (two). You will probably be most interested in CPA Network and why we have the largest payouts with extremely good offers for dozens of European countries.

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Last year, we were blown away by the number of handshakes, coffees drunk, and agreements made. This year we want even more fun because, in fact, the biggest deals have always been created with the most relaxed atmosphere.


Of course, that's where you forget the meaning of a dream, when was the last time you ate, what event is coming up, and what the date is in general. But that's the spirit:


  • You meet future partners through fun
  • You present your business
  • You listen to inspiring stories
  • You pick up excellent and useful tips
  • You see a beautiful city and get to know a new culture
  • You come home satisfied and reap the fruits of your hard work

It is actually difficult to point out which is the most interesting part of the conference, but we enjoy the events we organize as collaborators the most because we simply like to host show cordiality, and share our experiences. But what a feeling it is when you realize what kind of people you meet and how much experience you will actually gain with a new partnership at the world level!

On these occasions, we sponsor several events and highly recommend, if you already find yourself at the conference, do not miss out on these dates, because we promise relaxation and a great atmosphere. Anyone who has been to Barcelona surely remembers us well for the incredible evening with the Gipsy Kings!

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29. Novembar

Location: TBA

Time: TBA

Clickbid Party

30. Novembar

Location: Bangkok Lava

Time: 21:00(Start)


01. December

Location: Levels Club & Terrace

Time: 21:00-02:00

Midnight Madness Party/ AKIE PARTY

01. December

Location: TBA

Time: TBA

Conversion Club (Affiliate drinks meetup)


Affiliate Business Club presents MIDNIGHT MADNESS PARTY: December 1 - MonadLead by Monetize AD and Supreme Media!  Get your tickets on time!

How to stay up to date with all the activities in those few days?

AW has its own official application, through which you will be up to date with new developments, events, and upcoming activities at any time. It is available for iOS and Android devices. But that's not all, the best way to reach the events and people at the conference is the well-known #socialmedia. Introduce your arrival and follow the other participants. There you will be able to roughly visualize who is coming, what you can expect from whom, and with whom you will find common themes.

Top tip: Follow other companies and use the most popular hashtags in your posts #awasia, #aw, #affiliate world and stay updated, to start connecting with people even before meeting live!

How long is the conference itself - teaching and learning?


The lectures last two days, while #networking takes place in between in the zones for companies that have reserved their place for promotion, on time. You arrange your people for the best possible way of reaching new connections. Of course, you prepare well in advance, because it is very important to understand what is the intention of the people who come to the conference.

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What do others need from you, and what can you offer them? 

This is perhaps one of the most difficult questions when preparing for a conference. Knowing how to say what others need to hear and knowing how to ask for what you need. As a versatile company, with a full stack in-house solution, we will present the CPA network to affiliates, a platform for increasing profits through traffic monetization. Um, sound vague? This is precisely why the team is in charge - to clarify everything that your future client or colleague wants to hear in simple language. The product has its customers. MonadLead is a network that offers numerous offers, complete with landing, and pre-landing pages, titles, creatives, available native speakers, and account managers.

How to find us in the networking zone?


The schedule of duties at the conference is really tight. You already know that all big events are extremely tiring - because they bring rewarding results. If you manage your time well, you will have time for absolutely everything. But according to our experience, you must have some time to get to know the city, and the people, make a good impression of a reliable partner and only then start your goal - more connections.

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Branding is something that in the modern business world represents the basis for every next move. Don't forget to post how you're doing at the conference, and no matter how much time you don't have, people should always have a way to easily recognize you and even more easily reach you.


Last but not the least


Bangkok is warm during November and December, but in case you want both human and business warmth, stop by our Booth C13, and if you haven't already, meet one of the Balkan giants in affiliate marketing!

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