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Affiliate marketing trends in 2022 – What to expect?

Affiliate marketing has exploded during the last few years because of the coronavirus. Since we all were kind of locked up in our homes, we started to think about other ways of making money, and more and more people began to work in affiliate marketing.

We are at the end of March – but this year will not be any different – coronavirus pandemic is no way near its end, potential of working online is getting more and more recognized and affiliate marketing is more present than ever. So, the question is, what trends do we need to expect this year when it comes to the affiliate industry?


First, influencers will become even more famous. More budget will be put aside for influencer campaigns, because they will dominate in the affiliate marketing industry. Why? Because their influence in social media will be crucial for any marketing company. That being said, brands who are on a budget will seek out all kinds of influencers to work with on an affiliate basis to maximize their return on investment.

Virtual shopping

Next we have virtual shopping. Online shopping has been popular even before coronavirus, and now it only gained popularity. This trend has allowed many companies to move their operations online, providing multiple opportunities for beginners to try their hand in affiliate marketing, with low risk and low investment costs. Not only that, virtual shopping is evolving in different directions. One of them is live stream shopping, which will become more popular in 2022 on channels such as Twitch and YouTube. During live streams, influencers provide discount codes to drive sales to affiliate partners. This is definitely a rising trend to keep an eye on this year, for both affiliate marketers and affiliates.

Crypto offers

Crypto-related offers will still be popular. While Bitcoin still remains on top of the list, newcomers such as NFTs are not far behind. People invest more in crypto, creating opportunities for crypto advertisers and affiliates to partner up and maximize their revenues. Marketers will join the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs to earn more with minimum effort.

Mobile-ready websites

Mobile-ready websites will be a great advantage. One out of two internet users says that they are more likely to shop using a mobile device, rather than going to the store.. As people can purchase products using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop, it will be crucial for publishers and brand affiliates to have their websites optimized for mobile devices. Mobile-ready websites allow shoppers to view web pages with ease, which improves the overall customer buying experience.


In 2022, affiliates will also get very good profit from subscriptions. With more and more people sitting at home and not having anything to do but to entertain themselves, they purchase accounts on many sites, such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.


Blogging has been very popular during 2020 and 2022, and this year it will gain even more popularity. Blogging is a popular choice for marketers and content creators because it is less expensive than posting advertisements. Likewise, blogging statistics show that blogs generate as much as three times more leads than ads. If customers find their blogs engaging, relevant, and helpful, they are more likely to make a purchase.

Competition in affiliate industry

2022 will see increased competition in the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliates and advertisers will look for new niches and offerings that will help them stand out, help people, and increase their revenue. For brands looking to increase their revenue, finding those key product and service niches is essential – it means you can stock up on a product and start an affiliate campaign around it to generate more sales. For affiliates, being able to provide an answer to those questions on your website can provide a valuable additional revenue stream.


In 2022 and beyond, we need to expect more affiliates to try their hand at advertising, instead of simply driving traffic to advertisers’ landing pages or sales funnels. Affiliates looking to make this transition will need the tools to quickly launch landing pages that seamlessly sync with a CRM, edit HTML and CSS and then easily preview changes, track the success of sales funnels with robust reports and analytics, comply with local tax regulations, test and refine campaigns to improve ROI and to boost average order value through post-purchase upsells and order bumps.

Consumers expecting more

Last but not least, consumers will expect better. By that we mean that consumers have changed their mindset in the pandemic. People share their experiences with enthusiasm, creativity, and feeling, so they expect that brands should talk to them in the same way. Therefore, it is essential for brands to make the most of providing enthusiasm, trend, adventure, and the ability to offer a great learning experience. Since money is not such an important factor for Gen Z, they take advantage of everything they have for buying products that make them happier, so they will choose the brand that fulfills them the most.

It seems like we are on the doorstep of another incredible and profitable year. So, in order to succeed in 2022, you need to watch out for these key trends and stay ahead of your competition. Of course, any prediction about the future remains just that: a prediction. Only time can tell which affiliate marketing trends will have the most impact on the market.

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